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How to Get Rid of Skunks


Skunks are among one of the most detested creatures in North America. Most of the time, skunks are completely harmless, however, get too close to one and you will regret it. Skunks have a specialized scent gland that they shoot at a predator when threatened, but it is a common misconception that skunks will spray at any encounter. Skunks actually use the spray only as a last line of defense and they prefer to run or hide. Why? The scent gland has a limit to how much fluid it can hold, so once a skunk sprays, it takes several days for it to replenish. That is a long time to be defenseless…

Skunks, can be fairly easy to get rid of if you know how to do it. The most common problems associated with a skunk invasion includes: a general pungent odor anywhere the skunk frequents, skunks terrorizing and spraying your pets, skunks digging in your yard or garden and skunks taking up residence near or under your home. To get rid of skunks for good:

  • There are repellents such as predator urine, citrus sprays, ultrasonic emitters, etc. but they are not very effective. Skunks in particular have shown no adverse reaction to any of these products. Furthermore, do not attempt to poison the skunk. Not only is it ineffective, but you could harm other innocent animals in the area.
  • Keep all outdoor food sources and garbage cans secured.
  • If the skunks are living under your house, shed, etc. seal up all the entry points except for one. Then set a one way trap that allows the skunks to exit, but not enter the space. Once all the skunks are gone, seal up the remaining hole.
  • Trapping seems to be the most viable option for getting rid of skunks. Skunks are fairly easy to trap and you might not even have to bait it. Set the trap in a place that the skunk goes often and check it everyday to see if you have caught one. Once you have trapped a skunk, place a tarp over the trap so that it does not feel threatened and spray you. Relocate the skunk at least 5 to 10 miles away from your home in a nice wooded area to ensure that they do not return.
  • Call a professional wildlife removal agency if you do not want to risk getting sprayed by the skunk and want them gone as quickly as possible.

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